trust deed

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Trust deed

Agreement between trustee and borrower setting out terms of a bond.

Trust Deed

1. In real estate, an agreement in which the title to the property is held in a trust until the mortgage is paid. A trust deed is not given to the homeowner in order to provide an extra amount of security for the lender; the trustee for a trust deed does nothing except in the event of default, in which case the trustee sells the real estate.

2. An agreement stating the terms of a trust. A trust deed is most common when mutual funds are held in trust, and outlines the responsibilities and restrictions on the fund.

trust deed

See indenture.
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The Trustee-Manager will seek unitholders' approval for the necessary modifications to KGT's trust deed at an Extraordinary General Meeting, which will be held on 15 April 2014 immediately after its Annual General Meeting.
The costs of the Trust Deed are agreed between the Trustee and creditors, and costs are met from the payments you make to your Trust Deed.
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Issuer") constituted by the trust deed dated 11 February 1997
The protected trust deed is offered only in Scotland and is similar to the individual voluntary arrangement.