back door

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Back Door

1. In business, a slang term describing something unethical. It may also describe the action of circumventing a problem in an unusual (but still ethical) way.

2. Any way to access a computer system other than logging in or using "normal" channels. Programmers often put back doors into their programs, or a hacker may create one.

3. See: Back-Door Listing.

back door

the informal mechanism whereby the BANK OF ENGLAND buys back previously issued TREASURY BILLS in the DISCOUNT MARKET at their ruling market price in order to release money to help the DISCOUNT HOUSES overcome temporary liquidity shortages. This is done as a means of increasing the liquid funds available not only to the discount houses themselves but also to the COMMERCIAL BANKS at prevailing interest rates to enable them to maintain their lending. Compare FRONT DOOR.
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1, but such a load would be a bomb in a trapdoor Springfield.
D] and the word pattern of w' from the trapdoor T[d.
When Alice gives the email gateway a trapdoor associated with searching keywords, it tests if the keywords are relevant to the email and learns nothing else.
The first handloading I did with black powder was for this trapdoor carbine.
The idea was keep the baying audience on its toes: Sometimes the trapdoor in the sand would creak open to reveal a surprise, from bare-breasted female gladiators to elephants, or sometimes even common garden chickens.
There will be plenty of time for recrimination and finger pointing after their fate has been decided, be it survival or falling through the relegation trapdoor.
A schematic and reassembly instructions for the 1873 Trapdoor appear in NRA Guide to Firearms Assembly, hard cover edition.
Now with two tandem slides so you can race your fellow waterpark enthusiasts, the rider steps into a see-through chamber and stands on a trapdoor awaiting a dreaded countdown.
Thrill-seekers will make their way up to a height of 32 metres where they will stand on a trapdoor.
This is a retrospective study of patients with orbital trapdoor fractures who underwent surgery to determine the outcome of surgical intervention in relation to the timing of surgery.
HINCKLEY 12 CLIFTON 22 A BATTLING Hinckley performance was not enough to stave off defeat 12-22 at the hands of Clifton as the relegation trapdoor moves ever closer.