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A person who has not reached the age of majority, which varies from 15 to 25 depending on jurisdiction and situation. A minor has fewer legal rights and responsibilities than a legal adult. For example, a minor may not enter contracts or vote, and often has personal restrictions on tobacco or alcohol consumption and sexual activity.


A person who has not yet reached the age of majority required to enter into binding contracts.

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The Age of Anxiety: A History of America's Turbulent Affair with Tranquilizers.
Moreover, she presents data that our enthusiasm for tranquilizers such as Xanax has not waned, even in the midst of the significant backlash against these medications.
Andrea Tone's The Age of Anxiety: A History of America's Turbulent Affair with Tranquilizers is a sweeping analysis of the emergence of the drug in the United States.
Ironically, heavy caffeine users who also use minor tranquilizers may ingest additional caffeine in an attempt to counteract the toxic effects of their regular high caffeine consumption (Greden, Procter, & Victor, 1981).
Takuma, 37, faced criminal charges in March 1999 for allegedly injuring teachers at an elementary school in Hyogo Prefecture by spiking their tea with tranquilizers.
It doesn't call for testing for alcohol or for tranquilizers, muscle relaxants, or any other prescription sedatives that can affect a pilot's reflexes and judgment just as severely as illegal drugs.
The man in his 40s, who worked in Kanazawa Medical University Hospital's emergency room in the town of Uchinada, obtained 8 milligrams of relaxant, 20 mg of tranquilizer and 0.
Haloperidol and some other tranquilizers block receptor molecules for dopamine, sometimes causing symptoms of Parkinson's disease in response to the apparent lack of the neurochemical.
Collman found that dark-eyed persons and persons taking tranquilizers had a higher risk of cataracts.
Doctors at a Tokyo hospital apologized Friday for leaving a patient in a coma after administering 10 times the required amount of tranquilizer last month.
Black balls come loaded with a tranquilizer and a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug.