trailing earnings

Trailing earnings

Past earnings. Often used in the context of the price earnings ratio. This ratio is usually distinguished as price to trailing earnings (today's price divided by the most recent 12 months of earnings) versus price to prospective earnings (today's price divided by consensus forecast earnings for the next 12 months).

Trailing Earnings

A company's earnings over a previous period of time. Commonly, one examines a company's earnings over the most recently completed fiscal year; these may be considered trailing earnings. However, the term "trailing" often implies a value calculated on a rolling basis. That is, trailing earnings may describe the most recent 12 month period. These earnings will change each month as the nearest month is added to the calculation and the most distant month is dropped. See also: Trailing 12 Month.

trailing earnings

The earnings per share for a firm's most recently completed fiscal year.
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In December 1999, the equity market's price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio using trailing earnings was 28.
Trading on 700 times trailing earnings, ChiNext listed Qtone Education is symbolic of the bubble like characteristics that have recently emerged in China's domestic equity markets.
For one thing, analysts say that valuations are already high by historic standard, Tadawul is currently trading on more than 20 times the 12-month trailing earnings.
78 times 12 months trailing earnings (as on July 31).
At 21 times trailing earnings, Xilinx presents great quality, especially considering that its development is harvesting results and clients like China Mobile (CHL) and Cisco (CSCO) can lead to development.
We calculate that this transaction is dilutive to the company's trailing earnings per share exclusive of synergies, a troubling fact given the low current financing rates.
2), the dispersion of five-year trailing earnings growth is wider for global small caps (on the right) than for global large caps (on the left).
Certainly compared to trailing earnings the earnings multiple is robust to say the least, [but with the recent high turnover] the assumption is that DFM numbers will be significantly better going forward.
Apple has rebounded slightly from its lows but still trades at only 13 times trailing earnings, and we think that it's a good value.
leaving the public markets only a few years after its initial public offering in a take-private transaction, in which it was acquired by noted private equity (PE) investor Blackstone Group, for more than $3 billion [12 times trailing earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA)].
The shares are trading at 10 times trailing earnings, compared with 19 times for companies listed on Dubai's DFM General Index, the best performer among GCC markets this year.
Equity risk premiums (ERP), calculated as the trailing earnings yield minus the yield on 10Y US Treasury bonds, have in certain major developed markets reached close to historic levels, suggesting that equities are now at attractive levels relative to bonds.