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The board includes Frontier Co-Op, Golden Temple and Trade Fixtures.
NOTE: Tenant needs to bring Yogurt-making trade fixtures but space has all new electrical, plumbing and walk-in freezer in place; plug-in and make yogurt.
install or place on the OCCC premises, such equipment, furnishings, trade fixtures, and other personal property necessary to provide mutually agreed upon services
In return for a premium of PS79,000, our client will lease the business with all trade fixtures and fittings, which are considerable and in very good condition, as the restaurant has only traded for less than one year.
Supreme Court Justice Martin Shulman has ruled that three foodservice tenants that leased space in the building and were displaced by the condemnation, can recover damages from the MTA for the value of trade fixtures lost in the condemnation--approximately $15 million, according to the tenants.
Guide Note 5 states: "When the scope of work includes an appraisal of personal property, trade fixtures or intangible items, competency in personal property appraisal or business appraisal is required.
How a condemnation clause handles compensation for trade fixtures is also a fertile area for disputes regarding a commercial tenant's interest in real estate compensation.
based Trade Fixtures, which makes bins and other supplies for bulk sections, says retailers can save money by buying bulk, and pass the savings to consumers.
The statement said that since the order was passed on 18th Dec 2009 the ninety days period given to MAKRO ends on 18th March 2010 and the management has decided to completely shut down its trade operation on the site in order to clear stocks and trade fixtures etc as the management of MAKRO has every intention to respect the decision of Honourable Supreme Court.
Therefore, the court concluded the items of kitchen equipment in question were trade fixtures and were the property of the tenant.
Trade Fixtures is introducing the "Gravity Plus" bin.
In addition to a leasehold mortgage that a lender requires to secure a loan, most lenders will also require a lien under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) encumbering the company's equipment, trade fixtures, and other removable personal property located on the leased premises.