tracker fund

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Index Fund

A mutual fund that is not actively-managed and simply tracks a benchmark index. That is, the investment company managing the mutual fund places the liquidity in securities represented in a certain index. Thus, when that index increases in price, so does the mutual fund, and vice versa. An exchange-traded fund is a prime example of an index fund. Many popular tracker funds track the S&P 500 and other S&P indices. An index fund is less commonly called an index fund. See also: Closet index fund, SPDR.

tracker fund

a PORTFOLIO of company SHARES which is designed to exactly mirror.

tracker fund

a PORTFOLIO of company SHARES that is designed to exactly mirror in composition and relative ‘weighting’ the shares making up a selected share index such as the ‘Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE) - 100 Share Index’. Tracker funds are operated by UNIT TRUSTS, INVESTMENT

TRUSTS and other INSTITUTIONAL INVESTORS. Unlike many funds that are actively managed by fund managers who buy and sell shares at their discretion n a wide range of companies, tracker funds are passively managed and, as their name implies, simply ‘track’, in a robotic way, the shares comprising the target index. See INDIVIDUAL SAVINGS ACCOUNT (ISA).

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The [pounds sterling]470 million ($760 million) Global REITS Index Tracker Fund was launched by LGIM in 2006 and aims to provide global, diversified exposure to listed real estate equity markets around the world by tracking the FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Global Real Estate Index.
HSBC Holdings (LSE: HSBA) is planning for EM, Bond and Index Tracker funds.
Over the past few years, Polaris has been active in promoting cross-border listing of ETFs between Taiwan and Hong Kong, saying it will soon list the Taiwan Top50 Tracker Fund on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange as a feeder fund.
Q TRACKER funds seemed a good idea when shares were down, but now they are rising are they still a good deal?
The most glaring example is the Deutsche UK Equity Index tracker fund.
Sanlam Namibia announced the introduction of a new tracker fund, which is aimed at tracking South African listed Property Index on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.
Alternatively, if you want to match the markets you can buy into a tracker fund that will mirror a particular market.
The Investment Managers' Association has checked performance against just buying an average tracker fund tracking the FTSE 100 Index.
19, 2009 (CENS) -- Polaris Taiwan Top 50 Tracker Fund, the largest ETF (exchange traded fund) in Taiwan, will begin trading on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange today (Aug.
Muscat Fund, launched in 1995 and regulated by the Capital Market Authority, is the first and only MSM index tracker fund in Oman.
Q IN share-buying, what is the difference between a Tracker Fund and a Managed Fund?
So if this is not a sector you fancy, then you are quite right to feel that a 100-share tracker fund would give you more exposure to banks than you wish.