total volume

Total volume

The total number of shares or contracts traded on national and regional exchanges in a stock, bond, commodity, future, or option on a certain day.

Total Volume

The aggregate number of trades that take place for a security or on an exchange on a given trading day. A high total volume is an indicator of a high level of interest in a security at its current price. It is an especially important tool in technical analysis, in which volume is used to determine the strength of a market indicator. For example, a price rise on heavy trading volume indicates that that price rise is a true indicator, while a technical analyst likely would be more skeptical of the same rise on lighter trading volume. The method for determining total volume is called volume counting. In the United States, the SEC determines the methodology of volume counting. It is often called volume or trading volume.

total volume

The aggregate amount of trading in a security on a particular security exchange, or in a specific type of security such as stocks, bonds, options, or futures contracts. Also called rate of return.
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5 million contracts, total volume and ADV during November 2015 declined 3 percent and 8 percent, respectively.
Nationwide, purchase mortgage volume still rose by nine percent in raw volume and 30 percent as a percentage of total volume (from 49 to 79 percent) over the second quarter of 2013, despite overall lending volume being down due to the harsh winter and rise in interest rates.
The total volume of cargo handled by the port last year also increased significantly by 2.
2 billion of the total volume of exported oil products was oil processing products.
9% of the total volume of exported goods, according to the State Customs Service.
Riyadh, Safar 6, 1434, Dec 19, 2012, SPA -- The total volume of Inter-Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states trade exchange has amounted to $ 85 billion in 2011, against only $ six billion in 1984.
TOP 3 ADULT ORAL ANALGESICS SALES [pounds Change sterling] ([pounds millions sterling]m) Total volume TOTAL CATEGORY 359.
Summary: Rabat - The filling rate of Morocco's dams reached over 81% with a total volume of 12.
The Office for National Statistics reveals that the total volume of construction output, in the second quarter of 2009, fell by 0.
Summary: Total volume reached 151,699 contracts in August, valued at US $8.
us] as Volume of useful logs or lumbers, then the total volume V can be estimated as the sum of the [V.
The Bloomberg ratings were based on the total volume of funds underwritten by 24 banking institutions in the UAE which provided Sharia'ah-compliant finance to the business sector in 2008.