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His SALN report indicated total assets worth P2,028,566,772 and liabilities worth P258,000,000.
one of Taiwan's largest life insurers, saw return on investment (ROI) exceed 6%, the highest among peers with total assets surpassing NT$500 billion, according to statistics compiled by the Taiwan Insurance Institute (TII).
368(a) (2)(F)(iii) defines an investment company as a corporation 50% or more of the value of whose total assets (excluding cash and cash items (such as receivables)) are stock and securities, and 80% or more of the value of whose total assets are held for investment.
That guidance (Financial Institutions Letter 17-2003) is intended to answer questions about the applicability of these portions of Sarbanes-Oxley to insured depository institutions supervised by the FDIC, based on whether they are public companies or subsidiaries of public companies, non-public companies with $500 million or more in total assets (subject to the reporting requirements of FDICIA) or non-public FDIC-supervised banks with less than $500 million in total assets.
2) The aggregate consolidated total assets of all financial subsidiaries of the state member bank do not exceed the lesser of:
Notice that the number in Total Assets (C15) doesn't equal the number in Total Liabilities and Owners' Equity (C32) and that both figures are highlighted in red.
When you consider the asset side of your balance sheet, those assets expressed in dollars are the total assets that you employ to earn a profit.
During this period, 840 companies--ranging in size from $250,000 to $193 billion in total assets (median size: $579 million)--disclosed the cumulative effect of changes in principle on their income statements.
operations of these ten banks, which consisted of twenty-six branches and agencies and one Edge corporation, had total assets of approximately $24 billion.
The publicly traded Little Rock bank led the way with at least 17 unsuccessful bids on banks with total assets of more than $6.

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