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Each of the patients was diagnosed with keratoconus based on a collective assessment of refraction examination, slit-lamp anterior segment examination, and corneal topography.
Repeated topography, retinoscopy and ophthalmoscopy confirmed diagnosis of KC (see Figure 2).
The river comparison suggests Martian topography was already fairly solidified before the rivers started flowing and that largely influenced the way the water moved, despite later asteroid impacts and volcanic eruptions.
This paper is organized as follows: In Section 2, starting from the rotating shallow water equation set, we give the bottom topography which is not smooth boundary and simplify the equation set with unsteady topography.
Also, in the present work we have presented a flow chart that with aid of GIS-based spatial analysis algorithms enhanced extraction of fractal dimension of earth surface topography.
Among 210 VKC subjects, suspected keratoconus-like topography was present in 64 subjects (30.
adds imaging and display capabilities with the ease-of-use advantages usually only available with confocal microscopy, giving users the ability to easily and quickly obtain not only high-resolution and repeatable surface topography measurements, but also high-quality images and 3-D visualization of sample topography.
The researchers also found that the moon's overall gravity field was no longer aligned with the topography, as it would have been when the tidal bulges were frozen into the moon's shape.
Ahluwalia, too, had experience of the airport topography.
Users can focus on a site of interest to access specific information on geology, soil composition, topography, slopes and a variety of historical weather information.
All these scenarios make it worthwhile to collect data on both the surface topography of the component and its internal features, including possible anomalies.
Even data gathered during the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission in 2002 (SN: 2/23/02, p.