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The ISO 4217 currency code for the Tonga Pa'anga.


Indicates the higher price one is willing to pay for a stock in an order; implies a not held order.


ISO 4217 representation for the Tongan pa'anga. It is officially pegged to a currency basket that includes the Australian dollar and the New Zealand dollar, as well as the yen and United States dollar. However, the National Reserve Bank (Tonga) sets the exchange rate to the Australian dollar each day. Critics contend that this official exchange rate bears little reflection to the currency basket. The pa'anga is divided into 100 seniti. See also: Currency pair.


The highest level to which a stock, a market index, or some other asset will rise. A top may be short-term or long-term, depending upon the type of price movement being evaluated. Compare bottom.
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The government also reinstated the executive curl, a loop on the braid of a naval officer's rank insignia on the topmost stripe of a tunic sleeve or epaulette.
The starting player selects a category from his or her topmost card and reads out its value.
It's true we constantly form skin cells but mainly in the epidermis, the topmost layer.
AN embattled President Barack Obama vowed in his first State of the Union address to make job growth his topmost priority, as he looked to reignite his stalling presidency.
Egyptian authorities have arrested 10 new leaders of the opposition Muslim Brotherhood organization, a topmost leader of the banned group stated, the Beirut daily AN NAHAR reported Monday.
Some burns affecting only a small part of the body only affect the topmost layer of skin and, if there is no infection or other complication, these can heal to leave little or no sign of the injury.
It improves wrinkles, skin texture and colour by polishing the topmost layer and vacuuming away the dead skin cells in a safe, controlled manner; the perfect skin treatment to ensure you glow.
According to team members, safety concerns are topmost on their list of priorities.
The Mesalands Community College class--made up of high school students, a high school teacher from New York City, two Texas retirees and a couple of volunteers from Oklahoma--found and excavated an ilium, the topmost element of the three hip bones.
Though this is the middle of December, it is balmy here in the tropics, with a nighttime temperature in the high 70s and only the slightest breath of wind on the topmost deck of the Crystal Serenity.
Even the topmost GOP leader, Speaker Dennis Hastert, announced that he wouldn't stand in the way of legislation to block the move.
So too are the terraces at the building's topmost level where Nouvel pulls away a floor to create a void under the lowering roof, a move that helps to ventilate the courtyard, as well as create a set of informal, al fresco spaces for display (both cultural and social).