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(1) To agree to buy. A dealer or customer who agrees to buy at another dealer's offered price is said to take the offer. (2) Euro bankers speak of taking deposits rather than buying money.

Take a Position

The state of owning or owing a security or other asset. One has a long position when one owns something, while one has a short position when something is sold, especially sold short. See also: Close a position.


To accept the price at which a dealer offers a security.


(1) A generic term meaning to acquire title by whatever means, such as by deed, by will, by purchase,or by gift,to name a few.(2) A common expression for a condemnation under the power of eminent domain.

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Local police said that one Abdul Aziz filed report with police and stated that he along with his other family members were present at house when five masked men forcibly entered in his house situated in Pahari Pura, hostage the family members on gunpoint, and took away 22 told gold jewelry, 0.
He took away my boy, when he was in the first grade.
Edhi Centre staffer Anwar Kazmi told that more than eight bandits barged into the offices and residence of renowned social worker Maulana Abdul Sattar Edhi in Mithadar and took away cash, gold and other valuables from all the safes after getting keys from Abdul Sattar Edhi.
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Unknown gunmen killed on Wednesday the director of the al-Ilwiya Hospital in Baghdad in her house in central the city, and they took away money and golden items from the house.
RAWALPINDI, May 27 -- The robbers looted a bank and took away Rs 2.
But each day her parents live through the pain and tears as they retain the hatred for the killer who took away their precious daughter.
On Wednesday, angry passengers pelted stones at a superfast train in Ghaziabad and took away the keys of a railway crossing when the train they were waiting for got delayed because of fog.
It was disappointing to see that the film that took away four awards in Cinergy 2008 was not made for the competition.
Landlord Roger Hantulik, who has put up posters warning Mr Heyes to stay away, said: "He took away my choice to have smokers in my pub so I've taken away his choice to drink here.
He said they took away his brother's Bible and mobile phone.
If Player 2 took away the 6 and 7 marker, explain how Player 1 could win the game.
I'm going to be honest with you, it took away a lot,'' said Taylor, who is training for his rematch with Hopkins on Dec.