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He was referring to a July 26 package of information that he provided each of the Coast Guard's on-scene coordinators - the only individuals who can decide to burn oil in U.
In 1994 ADF&G and DNR allowed certain areas to burn during a 23,000-acre wildfire in the Delta Junction area.
If practical and aesthetic limitations make it impossible for managers to burn as large an area as they had planned, they will have to settle for a scaled-back program focusing on burning particular areas -- such as sequoia groves, which depend on periodic fires to reproduce.
In Montana, the Forest Service allowed 47 lightning-ignited fires to burn in specified backcountry wilderness areas last year, under "prescribed" conditions.
As November rains and snow dampen the last embers, fire researchers are discussing what they learned about Yellowstone's amazing ability to burn.
Below is a list of favorite chocolate candies and the exercises needed to burn off the calories (for a 150-pound person):
AuthorScript also enhances the Windows Movie Maker feature of Windows XP Media Center Edition, enabling users to burn their edited videos to DVD directly from within Windows Movie Maker.
The flag was then set on fire and left to burn in the lodge's flag-burning concrete chamber.
Once a catalytic combustor reaches its "light-off" point of about 500 degrees, it continues to burn nearly all the smoke passing through it.
We try to get them all burned on Flag Day, but if we get too many we have to burn them a few times a year,'' said Paul Rodriguez, post president and a Vietnam War veteran.
National Audubon Society board member Scott Reed was quoted as saying, "In my view the greatest environmental disaster coming out of the Yellowstone Park fire was its failure to burn up [the town of] West Yellowstone.
Together we provide an exceptional combination of features, performance, and award-winning ease-of-use that makes it fun and simple for Toshiba customers to burn CDs and DVDs while ensuring that recorded files are preserved with a maximum of data integrity.