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1. The right of ownership over a piece of tangible or intangible property. In countries and economic systems recognizing private ownership, title represents a recognition by government and society that a person or organization owns something.

2. A certificate acknowledging title. See also: Stockholder of record.


A title is a legal document proving ownership of a piece of property.

If you are buying real estate you authorize a title search, or examination of property records, to insure that the seller holds the title and has the right to transfer it.

In most cases, if you're taking a mortgage to buy the property, the lender will require you to arrange title insurance to protect its interest until the full amount of the loan has been repaid. You may also arrange for your own title insurance to protect you from losing your property if your ownership is successfully contested.


(1) All the elements that create the highest legal right to own,possess,use,control,enjoy,and dispose of real property or an inheritable right or interest in it.(2) The rights of ownership recognized and protected by the law.

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Title Page o The title page shall list the proposer%s name, title of the service requested, local address, telephone number, and date of submittal Comprehensive Table of Contents o A comprehensive table of contents shall be list all materials included in the proposal and must include the corresponding page number(s) Letter of Transmittal o The letter must include a brief statement of the Proposers% understanding of the work to be accomplished Experience o Proposers% capabilities and experience shall be described comprehensively in order to provide a meaningful evaluation and assessment of qualifications Work Plan o Describe comprehensively how the service will be performed.
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