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A person who writes and, if necessary, registers a will. The will states how and to whom the testator wants his/her property transferred after death. In addition to transferring property, the testator may specify how certain responsibilities are to be performed. For example, he/she may indicate who shall take care of the decedent's minor children, how they are to be educated, and so forth. Many advisers recommend writing a will to ensure that the testator's wishes are carried out. Rarely, a female testator is called a testatrix.


The decedent who leaves a will.The feminine form used to be called “testatrix,”but today testator includes male and female.

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Unequal shares were commonly related to perceived need, behaviour, differentiating biological and step children, and/ or acknowledging prior contributions of the testator to the child or the child to the testator.
Also, without filmed evidence or evidence from witnesses, a challenger will be forced to fall back on evidence contained in medical records, and/or the testimony of any witnesses who observed the testator before or after the will signing.
Witnesses alone could not do the job; if a testator verbally declared his or her will years before it matured, witnesses' recollections in old age of what a testator had (or had not) said might have dimmed, and in any event a will's complexities might tax anyone's memory.
Once that is established, one must use that finding as the guide for determining what the testator or settlor meant.
51) It may also be advisable to arrange for a witness to be present during these meetings who would be able to testify as to the competency of the testator in an articulate and convincing way.
1987), the Missouri Supreme Court ruled that the fact that the testator of a testamentary trust died in Missouri was insufficient to create a basis for taxation where the trustee, the trust assets, and the trust beneficiaries all were in Illinois.
As the QTC testators explain, for Inuit these moves often were devastating and for their dogs they proved overwhelmingly fatal.
241) In addition to the undue influence worked upon the testator (the underlying wrong), the plaintiff in Schilling alleged that the defendant prevented him from bringing a timely contest by concealing the fact of the probate proceedings (an extrinsic fraud).
section] 91-5-7), which provides that when the deceased beneficiary is a child of the testator, the bequest does not lapse but passes as if the legatee had survived the testator and then died intestate.
14 of the said Notaries Public Law to read as follows; "To write property will where there is a title deed issued by the Secretariat of Real Estate Registration after ensuring that it meets the legal and Sharia requirements or authenticate the signature on the document, depending upon the request of the testator.
The last will acts as an important insurer against such cases and allows total peace of mind for the testator," he added.