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1. In technical analysis, a situation in which the supply and demand for a security are largely the same. A line means that the security is unlikely to see any rapid fluctuation in price. It is called a line because, when plotted on a graph, it looks like a roughly horizontal line. Technical analysts look for signals that a line is ready to break one way or another before recommending that investors take a position on a security.

2. Informal; workers in a large, industrial company. They are called the line because, historically, they assembled the parts of a product while literally standing next to each other in a long line, also called an assembly line.


In technical analysis, a horizontal pattern on a price chart indicating a period during which supply and demand for a security are relatively equal. Technical analysts generally look for the price to break away from the line, at which time they are likely to take a position in the direction of the movement. See also making a line.
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Contract notice: Telecommunications service fixed voice, mobile voice and data, and data services and internet access, in addition to the supply, installation and maintenance of voice links and mobile and terminal lines.
For example, Antwerp Central, which is architecturally one of the world's most beautiful 19th century stations, now has no fewer than three levels - the terminal lines on top, metro below and high-speed below that.
AIS said that its HMI operator interface terminal lines are available in 5.
Andrichak (1998) Application of phase and ground distance relays to three terminal lines, GER--3964, GE Power Management, Ontario
Eight years ago it became clear that mainframe computing via direct terminal lines would have to give way to distributed processing and PCs.
Open Competition: works on development of project documentation Reconstruction of the existing domestic terminal at the international terminal lines (MVL) for 200 passengers / hour at the airport of Blagoveshchensk
When BBN was looking for a way to connect its terminals, it found that circuit-switched access methods cost about $100 a port, while terminal lines run $200 to $250 a port--another reason to get as much mileage as possible out of embedded lines.

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