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Spatial and temporal distribution of imidacloprid in eastern hemlock in the Southern Appalachians.
The current study describes the demographic, spatial and temporal distribution of outdoor falls in relation to meteorological conditions for two large urban centres in Canada.
Among the chapter topics are geomorphic process interpretation and land management evaluation in the Geba Basin of northern Ethiopia; climate reconstructions based on fluvial deposits in the hyper-arid desert environment of the Namib; the palaeoclimate of Ondiri Swamp in Kikuyu, Kenya; the spatial and temporal distribution of natural hazards in central Africa; and a cluster-analysis-based climate classification for Northeast Africa.
Analyzing, modeling, and mapping the impact of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita on the spatial and temporal distribution of crime in Houston, TX.
Lillemeier is developing a combination of super-resolution microscopy based on photoactivation localization microscopy (PALM) with dual-color fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (dcFCS), to directly observe the spatial and temporal distribution of membrane-associated molecules on a nanometer scale.
Identification of spatial and temporal distribution of larval breeding habitats using geospatial tools (GIS, RS, GPS) was considered practical for cost-effective planning to reduce malaria risk in northern Sudan than targeting the sparsely distributed adult vector mosquito An.
Each of the chapters contains numerous tables detailing major sites and finds, classification, geographic and temporal distribution, and other information, and each concludes with a lengthy bibliography.
Because no lot number was repeated, intrinsic contamination was unlikely as the source of the AK outbreak; the geographic and temporal distribution of cases further argued against a point-source outbreak.
The goal of this study was to examine the 12 most damaging storms so as to define the types of storm-producing conditions, the magnitude of their losses, and their temporal distribution during the 60- year period.
The second objective was the interpolation of the material data into map-rendering computer software to configure and conceptualize the spatial and temporal distribution patterns of these archaeological groups occurring within the village area excavation.
explore whether the temporal distribution information helps to enhance event-based summarization based on corpus of DUC2001.

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