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1/16 or 0.0625 of one full point in price. Steenth.


1. Prior to decimalization, one-sixteenth of one point. That is, if a stock price falls a teenie, it falls 1/16 of a dollar.

2. After decimalization, one cent.
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But the Austin Powers star is set to swap her teeny-weeny bikini for a pair of wellies after telling Hello
Lothario Calum, who was famously caught on camera getting seriously intimate with Mick Jagger's daughter Lizzie, couldn't get enough of27- year-old Louise, who was wearing a teeny-weeny black dress.
I just had to have it so I did a bit of research and managed to get my hands on one, with the sweetest teeny-weeny mini skirt to match.
IT'S time to bid farewell to Nick and his giant sideburns as this compelling series bows out after a teeny-weeny 10 episodes (damn the writers' strike
Liz, 40, was over in Oz to launch her own beachwear range which, surprisingly, wonOt consist of teeny-weeny, dental-floss bikinis.
He said: 'Given that my only homosexual experience up to this point was a fumble in a French tent, it seemed a teeny-weeny bit sexually ambitious of me to apply for a job as a rent boy, but that is what I did.
The singer celebrated losing an impressive 20lbs in 30 days by parading around a Malibu beach in an itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny bikini.
Blonde King might have been wearing a teeny-weeny black dress and six-inch stilettos but that didn't stop her from running after the thief and wrestling him to the ground outside the Slaughtered Lamb pub in London's Barbican.
I admit this had a teeny-weeny bit to do with having a stonking hangover .
Last year it was the turn of the onepiece but this time around teeny-weeny bikinis are what fashionistas will be wearing on the sand.