tax-exempt money market fund

Tax-exempt money market fund

A money market fund that invests in short-term tax-exempt municipal securities.

Tax-Exempt Money Market Fund

A mutual fund that invests predominantly or exclusively in short-term municipal bonds. The returns on a short-term municipal bond fund derive from coupons on the municipal bonds, and are therefore tax exempt. The short-time frame of the bonds makes the fund quite liquid. As a result, these funds are beneficial for short term investors who wish to minimize their tax liability.

tax-exempt money market fund

An open-end investment company that invests in short-term tax-exempt securities. These funds usually pay relatively low current income (free of federal taxes) but are very liquid. They appeal to higher-income investors who seek a temporary investment. Also called short-term municipal bond fund.
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NEW YORK -- Fitch Ratings has downgraded Alpine Municipal Money Market Fund, a tax-exempt money market fund sponsored by Alpine Woods Capital Advisors LLC, to 'AAmmf' from 'AAAmmf.
A New York tax-exempt money market fund fits an important niche for investors who need a tax-favored option for liquidity and short-term investments," said Robert H.
Vanguard will today file a supplement to the Statement of Additional Information for the Vanguard(R) Prime Money Market Fund and Vanguard(R) Tax-Exempt Money Market Fund, which reflects that both funds no longer carry the private insurance that partially protected the funds against default by the securities they hold.
Through November, taxable and tax-exempt money market fund assets grew 19.
Government Money Market Fund, and the Wilmington Tax-Exempt Money Market Fund.
for a higher yield than a typical tax-exempt money market fund, lower
Participation in the program by a tax-exempt money market fund will not jeopardize the tax-exempt status of payments.
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The Colonial Tax-Exempt Money Market Fund does not hold any obligations which are related to the county or to any credits which may have invested in Orange County investment pools.
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