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Yet Muslims seem to be the only group in Britain taking the rap for what is, and should always be, a crime in the civil law as well as the religious canon.
I'M NOT sure who is taking the rap for the Sky Blues Bannergate at the moment, but I wouldn't fancy being in their shoes right now.
It's sickening that council workers are taking the rap for other people's mistakes.
Girlfriend Heather Bellshaw, played by Jenni Keenan Green, kicks him out this week after taking the rap for his drugs stash.
But fair play to the boss for taking the rap over the advanced position he asked him to fill - not many Premiership managers ever admit to anything remotely critical of themselves so it was big ofRafa.
Debbie and Cain make up and share a tender father-daughter moment, as she tells him she's proud of him for taking the rap for Sam but urges him to run away to avoid going to prison.