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If you are carrying more than you are allowed to, or the amount you have is not for your personal use, you will be taking the rap for your mate.
A FORMER girlfriend of Sean 'Diddy' Combs has denied that she's in the process of taking the rap mogul to court for a bigger child support cheque.
Gambler Jake Green (Jason Statham) spends seven years in prison after taking the rap for gangster Macha (a leather-faced Ray Liotta).
One source tells People Sport today that Veron earned respect from Keane and others by standing and taking the rap.
Judy is taking the rap for her son's tweets on Scottish independence and that's bang out of order - everyone knows sportsmen should not have an opinion.
Earl began his two-year prison sentence after taking the rap for Joy's various misdemeanours at the end of series two.
He's doing everything he can to inspire the team even if at times he's the one who is taking the rap for it.
There are really serious consequences for taking the rap for someone else," Judge Michael Cartlidge told her.
The newcomer was unhappy the slimy businessman had left him to rot in prison after taking the rap for their joint crimes.