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(1) To agree to buy. A dealer or customer who agrees to buy at another dealer's offered price is said to take the offer. (2) Euro bankers speak of taking deposits rather than buying money.

Take a Position

The state of owning or owing a security or other asset. One has a long position when one owns something, while one has a short position when something is sold, especially sold short. See also: Close a position.


To accept the price at which a dealer offers a security.


(1) A generic term meaning to acquire title by whatever means, such as by deed, by will, by purchase,or by gift,to name a few.(2) A common expression for a condemnation under the power of eminent domain.

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Confirming Johnson's decision, Pipe said: "It Takes Time has proved a great old horse for me and my father Martin over the years and he will now be looked after by Eileen Defew, who has been his groom since he arrived in the yard.
Point #4: That theological proclamation takes time is also to say that theological proclamation takes place within time and is affected by the historical conditions of any time.
Coral: 7-1 Hedgehunter, 9-1 Clan Royal, Amberleigh House, 10-1 Forest Gunner, 11-1 Strong Resolve, 14-1 Joly Bey, Take The Stand, 16-1 Colnel Rayburn, 20-1 Royal Auclair, Longshanks, Lord Atterbury, Spot Thedifference, 25-1 Bindaree, Double Honour, Innox, Monty's Pass, Nil Desperandum, First Gold, Frenchman's Creek, Granit D'Estruval, Heros Collonges, It Takes Time, Just In Debt, 33-1 bar.
NOBODY could accuse trainer Martin Pipe and young jockey Jamie Moore of not applying maximum effort with It Takes Time at Lingfield yesterday.
She takes time to appreciate simple things that help her along in everyday life.
Of course, it takes time, space, and personnel to photograph, describe, and store each item for sale.
Competitors are free to copy a firm's security package, but doing so takes time.
Sintering schedules are key because it takes time for the refractory to reach steady state conditions.
And it takes time to appreciate the place today Five different tours are offered (including one nighttime trek) that venture into various of the mansion's 58 bedrooms, 18 sitting rooms, anci 60 bathrooms.
Reed Larson, professor at the University of Illinois who has studied teen romance, says, "It takes time for a teenager to realize that a relationship isn't just an infatuation based on haphazard attraction, but an entity on which two people with compatible personalities work together.
Assuming the board and CEO share a common vision, it takes time to instill that vision in employees at all levels and to develop the talent needed to move the firm to the next level.