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A senior Sumitomo Mitsui official said the chances of its successful takeover bid for UFJ have diminished.
Certain holdings of common shares, such as positions held by certain investment managers, trust companies for managed accounts and pension plans will not trigger the Rights Plan unless the holders are participating in making a takeover bid for the Company.
Silver, Chairman and CEO of IRC, said "The rights plan is intended to provide time for shareholders to properly assess any takeover bid and to provide the board of directors with sufficient time to explore and develop alternatives for maximizing shareholder value, including, if considered appropriate, identifying and holding discussions with other potential bidders.
MAC President Yoshiaki Murakami, a former Ministry of International Trade and Industry bureaucrat, said the takeover bid is aimed at improving Shoei's shareholder value, which he said has been neglected by the company.
The Rights Plan has not been adopted in response to, or in anticipation of, any offer or takeover bid and is subject to regulatory approval.
Virginia") (TSX:VIA) announces the adoption of a Shareholder Rights Plan (the "Rights Plan") to ensure that the Shareholders will receive the fair value of their shares in the event of a takeover bid for the shares of Virginia.
The embattled CEO is coming off probably his worst year at DIS, with shareholders forcing out of the chairman position on the company's board and a hostile takeover bid from Comcast.
said Thursday it will launch a takeover bid to make casual clothing chain operator Marufuru Co.
According to Reuters, Delta rejected the initial takeover bid, which prompted an increase of the offer by about 20%.
His Los Angeles Unified School District takeover bid, enabled by proposed Assembly Bill 1381, now has the support of many of the usual power brokers -- the City Council, key players in the state Legislature, the governor and most importantly (and surprisingly) the teachers unions.
A takeover bid "doesn't seem impossible to us," Roger Deromedi told the newspaper, even after the French government's defense of French dairy group Danone SA against a rumored hostile takeover bid from PepsiCo Inc.
French and Luxemburg government resistance against the hostile takeover bid by Mittal Steel, the world's largest steelmaker, on behalf of its French/Luxembourg rival Arcelor;