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The remaining reserves after a project financing has been repaid. Sometimes refers to the residual value.


1. In a bond auction, the difference between the lowest bid and the average bid in the auction.

2. In a quote, the cents rather than the whole dollar amount. For example, in the quote $32.59, tail is 59 cents. This term is most common in new issues of a security.

3. See: Residual Value.


1. In a bid for a new security issue, the portion of the bid price that follows the decimal. For example, a bid of $92.125 has a tail of .125.
2. The difference between the average bid and the lowest bid at an auction for Treasury securities.
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For the 2D analysis we choose the profiles from figure 6 which are mainly used in building tailless aerial vectors, the analysis being performed by Profili 2.
Slopes of regression lines comparing snout-vent length and burst speed (Experiment 3) were not significantly different from zero for either tailed or tailless geckos (two-tailed t-tests, n = 18 for both, both P-values > 0.
Molgulidae is an interesting group for research on the evolution of body plans because it contains species that have urodele, tailed, chordate larvae with notochord and muscle as well as closely related species with anural, tailless larvae that completely lack larval structures, including the sensory otolith and muscle and notochord in the tail (5).
He himself underwent a lot of evolution from tail to tailless, hair to hairless, etc along with the other plants and animals.
Ruag in Switzerland has for its part carried out wind tunnel testing at its Emmen facilities (see title photograph), the aim being to verify the behaviour of the tailless ship when submitted to ground effect flight (very low altitude) and to bird strikes.
a tailless Australian animal with thick fur and big hairy ears, sharp claws for climbing, and a pouch like the kangaroo's for carrying its young
In my 4 1/4-inch Newtonian reflector at 27x, M13 resembles a small, tailless comet.
Bowers said it was possible that the sighting involved a bobcat, a tailless animal that can weigh as much as 35 pounds.
The morphological abnormalities of sperm cells observed in the course of the study were pyriform head, small head, narrow head, rudimentary tail, coiled tail, bent tail, twin head, curved mid-piece, tailless head, headless tail, bent mid piece and looped tail.
He called together a meeting of the jackals, and made them believe that Lion had issued a proclamation to the effect that all jackals in the future should be tailless, because their beautiful tails were a thorn in the eyes of more unfortunate animals.