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1. See: Swap.

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1. See swap.
2. To move funds out of one mutual fund and into another mutual fund. See also telephone switching.
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Intelligent switches have been in development since the early part of this decade and have gone through development cycles that have now resulted in offerings that provide superior performance and scalability.
Some intelligent switches also support enhanced authentication, including 802.
Reuters new showcase network is built on Catalyst 6500 Series switches, chosen for their converged network capabilities and high performance," said Chris Birch, Regional Head Service Delivery, EMEA for Reuters.
This new switch really delivers, with features that are absent from other switches in its class: ACLs and 802.
With intra-shelf switching, embed a pair of switches into each JBOD, converting it into an SBOD (switched bunch of disks).
Interoperability with these latest generation optical switches adds the latest features to the AMN 6100.
In addition to their complexity, the cost of Backbone Switches is also a barrier to their adoption.
SAN administrators must be able attach any device, regardless of its fabric-aware status, to Fibre Channel switches.
In the past, IT administrators had to use a serial port to connect smart switches to a portable laptop and use a clumsy command line interface for manual configuration and management.
An alternative method is to use asynchronous serial crosspoint switches to break through the bandwidth barriers of parallel approaches, but with high bandwidth comes several limitations.
These new feature-rich, high-density, high-performance SMC8748ML3 and SMC8724ML3 switches are available now, at MSRPs that make the transition to Gigabit affordable: $4,399.
As SAN implementations mature, they will likely consist of one or more switches connecting servers, disk drives, and, eventually, tape drives.