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1. See: Swap.

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1. See swap.
2. To move funds out of one mutual fund and into another mutual fund. See also telephone switching.
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Avery Dennison's Hanita business division, which manufactures specialty films for a number of industrial and commercial applications, has established an agreement with Gauzy to collaborate on the development and marketing of a retrofit version of Gauzy's switchable window film, which would add to Avery Dennison's window film product portfolio.
2]-switchable polymers, including soluble polymers for water purification and insoluble polymers to serve as switchable particles.
The tablet offers switchable 3G module technology, which is basically a hot-swap function where one has an option to use a SIM card without having to reboot the device.
4K x 2K 2D/3D switchable glasses-free TV display to be able to stand out among the many contestants and win SID's Gold Award of 2012 Display of the Year.
is a privately held company developing Voltage Switchable DielectricEoAaAo (VSDEoAaAo) materials for electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection in consumer electronic devices.
Among the most promising switchable window technologies today is the electrochromic (EC) window, which has the ability to change from clear to a colored transparent state without compromising views and consists of an electrochromic coating (typically five layers, totaling about 1 micron in thickness) deposited on a glass substrate.
Although not yet being considered for laundry, such switchable substances might serve as improved degreasers for heavy equipment, the compounds' developers say.
Although anti-drip has been a feature for sometime, this is a new switchable device known as Flow Stop Control that provides users with the option of having it turned on or off.
It's big enough to let molecules in and out, but small enough so that the switchable rotaxane molecules can block the hole," says Zink.
The three separately switchable, compact fluorescent lamps in red, green and blue, not only produce these primary colours, but also three secondary-colour pastel shades and one shade of white.
Transition Metal Switchable Mirrors feature a glass surface coated with a thin film made of magnesium alloy and one or more transition metals, such as nickel or manganese.
The mixer also provides switchable 48V microphone phantom power to enable the use of condenser microphones.