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1. See: Swap.

2. See: Roll forward.


1. See swap.
2. To move funds out of one mutual fund and into another mutual fund. See also telephone switching.
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is a privately held, venture-backed company developing Voltage Switchable Dielectric[TM] (VSD[TM]) materials.
4K x 2K 2D/3D switchable glasses-free TV display to be able to stand out among the many contestants and win SID's Gold Award of 2012 Display of the Year," said Paul Peng, President of AUO.
Working with LTI allows us to realize the ultimate security window: US Department of Defense strength electronic eavesdropping protection; switchable from opaque to transparent; Ballistic rated to a determined UL Level; and extreme energy efficiency all in a single window system.
Thanks to the use of switchable filters, the new device is ideally suited to the needs of systems that also need to support standard-definition video.
To install a switchable gene, they add to the cell's DNA a target gene coupled to a control sequence designed to bind a modified ecdysone receptor.
Other features Include switchable threshold voltage strobe receiver, perfect matching between strobe and data receivers, and wide power supply tolerance.
and European research and development operations for its Electrically Switchable Bragg Grating (ESBGTM) technology, including the construction of telecommunications component packaging plants in both locations.
Describing their switchable mirror in the March 21 Nature, the physicists explain that thin films of yttrium or lanthanum hydrides, when exposed to hydrogen, abruptly become insulators rather than metals.
INTEGRATED 'MINI' SERIES - The popular 3rd generation 'Mini' Series is NOW available with an integrated differential output for common mode noise reduction as well as an integrated switchable gain feature for hands-free applications.