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1. See: Swap.

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1. See swap.
2. To move funds out of one mutual fund and into another mutual fund. See also telephone switching.
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Designed using open industry standards to avoid burdening customers with the restrictions of proprietary features, the 3Com Switch 4500 is a cost-effective, easy-to-use, managed 10/100 switch - available in 26-port and 50-port models.
With a SAN switch management system, access can be granted or denied to different types of users.
We continue to deliver on our promise to keep our customers competitive by offering highly integrated switch SoCs and software solutions that support the latest standards and advanced features required by today's networks," said Claus Stetter, product line director for Vitesse's Ethernet Products Division.
The SilkWorm 2400 and SilkWorm 2800 are the first switches to support both fabric and loop environments independently on the same switch.
6 Sub-Committee is made of members from the semiconductor, board, system integrator and system vendor arenas, which represents broad interest and support of AMCC's switch base specification proposal for the PICMG 3.
The expanded 3Com Switch 7700 family - delivering advanced high density Power over Ethernet service in two new modular chassis;
For the vast majority of enterprise customers who demand premium flexibility and secure convergence for their network infrastructure, the new 3Com Switch 8800 is the best Terabit switch in the larger enterprise market today," said Jim Freeze, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, 3Com.
Glimmerglass Switch Shelf is an ideal solution for those seeking carrier-class optical switching in a reliable, compact and cost-effective design.
3Com Corporation (Nasdaq: COMS) today announced a major leap forward in providing superior choices to large enterprise customers with the introduction of the 3Com(R) Switch 8800 family of Terabit switches.
Our new 3Com wireless switch products represent compelling new choices in the enterprise wireless market by addressing virtually all the issues that CIOs and IT managers face in planning for wireless and wired integration to support mobile users," said Brent Nixon, director of enterprise wireless product management, 3Com.
As a first of its kind with a 10 Gigabit expansion slot, the SuperStack 3 Switch 3870 offers IT managers worldwide the performance and flexibility of triple-speed Gigabit at price points that would typically associate with traditionally Ethernet technologies," said Tim Jalland, senior director, product management, 3Com.