suspense account

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Suspense account

An account used temporarily to record receipts and disbursements that have yet to be classified.

Suspense Account

1. A brokerage or some other account in which an investor deposits securities or cash while he/she decides how to invest it. A suspense account is, by definition, low-risk, as the investor has no intention of losing the deposit while making appropriate investment decisions.

2. An account in which a company deposits and withdraws funds for transactions that have not yet been completed. A suspense account exists in order to keep ongoing transactions off of a balance sheet.

suspense account

In accounting, a temporary “parking place”for entries one does not know how to classify.

Example:  An apartment project receives a cash rent payment left in its mailbox. There is no indication of the name of the tenant, so the manager cannot post the payment to any particular account. Because of the software accounting system, however, the manager cannot create a deposit slip for the payment unless there is a tenant account. To solve the problem, the manager posts the payment to the suspense account, where it will stay temporarily until someone can find out the tenant's name.

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A suspense account has been opened to make it balance.
Each journal is completed with the suspense account as the opposite entry:
Suspense account Dr Cr Discount received 28,000 TB difference 8,800 Discount allowed 12,000
As the suspense account has not yet been cleared, we must move on to note 2, which tells us that an item of $500 was omitted from the sales records--ie, the sales day book.
As you can see in this case, not all errors will require an adjustment in the suspense account.
You are required to prepare journal entries and write up the suspense account to correct all of the errors listed.
First, we need to set up the suspense account as follows:
Note 1 tells us that the whole entry is wrong, so this will not affect the suspense account.
The loan account entry must be changed from a debit to a credit, so the amount of $40,000 will be posted twice and then the suspense account is used to balance the entry.
We need to convert the credit entry to plant cost to its correct debit entry, so again the amount of $32,000 will be posted twice and the suspense account used to balance the entry as follows:
Pay particular attention to journal entries in which one side of the entry is to intermediate accounts that might be used to temporarily house fraudulent debits, such as suspense accounts and intercompany accounts.
5 per cent interest on PF deposits will result in a deficit of about ` 1,600 crore, this is expected to be covered by a surplus of ` 1,731 crore in the interest suspense account of the EPFO.