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Are there changes in the suspected employee's lifestyle?
A deputy sheriff with the Otero County Sheriff's Department was killed on December 18 after responding to a call of shots fired in a suspected domestic incident.
It's the distrust in what administrators are looking at that cause them to continue to delve deeper into the suspected system trying to find anything that will be conclusive; but the trust issue is there, preventing conclusive findings.
White, (27) an undercover officer and an informant arrived at an apartment to purchase illegal drugs from suspected drug traffickers.
embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, Wright and Vincent, as part of a terrorism task force, began building a case against suspected terrorists in Chicago.
deputies spotted a man suspected of leaving the scene of a fatal crash that had just occurred at 47th Street East and Route 8 in Palmdale in which a man died, said Deputy Tanya Plunkett of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.
Moreover, the department suspected that many of its veteran officers might resist the policy because they had chased and caught suspects for years and received few serious injuries.
Finally, before officers stop a vehicle occupied by two or more individuals for suspected criminal activity, they always should request backup.
He is suspected of killing 16-year-old Ryan Gonzalez because the victim used the same nickname, ``Eskimo,'' as McGhee; a 17-year-old artist who was sketching a picture at the Los Angeles River, near the stronghold of the gang in which police say McGhee is a leader; and a young mother of two because he didn't like the car she drove.
8) In one case, a man had been suspected of the kidnapping and attempted murder of his former girlfriend's new suitor.
SANTA CLARITA - A 32-month investigation into suspected embezzlement at a Valencia airplane parts business has led to the arrest of three San Fernando Valley residents, two of whom were trusted employees at the company that lost $380,000.
Once officers determine the suspected use, they can begin to look at various mills in their area.