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The director general of the CII stated, that it would be unfortunate if the RBI decides to address supply side created inflation through demand constriction by using interest rate as a tool.
com) a print and Internet media company, aims to be among the most trusted resources for the world's energy business both on the demand and supply side of energy.
The supply side interventions will be conducted under LEP
Besides the lacking domestic demand there are two other important factors which darken the economic performance of Germany: tight money policy of the central bank--Deutsche Bundesbank and since 1999 the European Central Bank respectively and the too-narrow supply side orientation of the German governments.
Kelly Bristol has been named show manager of The Supply Side and will report to Robinson.
First, Forbes was proposing a supply side policy that allegedly would encourage individuals and firms to work, save, and invest.
Laffer is partnering with the Texas Public Policy Foundation to create theLaffer Center for Supply Side Economics, with a focus on preserving and promoting supply-side ideas by housing all of his work dating back to the 1970s and providing a forum for new and original research on economic ideas based on the core tenets of supply-side economics.
com), is a fully automated supply side programmatic television platform for linear television.
This project is all about the demand side of the housing market as complementary data on the supply side to visualize.
New Delhi, Oct 31 (ANI): Finance minister Pranab Mukherjee on Monday blamed the supply side constraints in agriculture products for the rising inflation in the country.
In terms of constructing a thesis for the current shortage, several analysts are scrutinizing the supply side.
The supply side can not be in such deep trouble as policymakers, political opposition parties, central bankers, and mainstream economists have been indoctrinated to believe.