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Actones" are divided into structural and superstructural types, distinguished primarily on the basis of whether the practice relates people to other people, or people to things and/or institutions (i.
It would be misleading to assume, however, that identity politics is a purely superstructural phenomenon or a cultural manifestation of contemporary patterns of globalization.
In contrast, it is well known that Argaric materials were present in the border areas and in neighbouring territories, and were used to impose superstructural norms on local populations.
It would be impossible to argue that Gramsci failed to acknowledge the political, and therefore contingent, nature of the economy; after all his legacy is a theory of ideology that explains reproduction of modes of production through dynamics taking place within the political, or superstructural, sphere.
In essence, he portrays management theory as a superstructural manifestation of the workings of the economic base of capitalist societies.
The argument has also come to naught that authoritarianism was a superstructural reflection of capitalist-class domination that would disappear with the destruction of that class, the nationalization of large enterprises, and the redistribution of wealth and income.
Although they range in length from a handful of lines to several hundred, and address numerous divinities, the Homeric Hymns share recognizable linguistic and superstructural features that organize the works and establish a distinct generic repertoire.
Refinements in terms of the Althusserian model of relative autonomy between economic and political-ideological structures, the interpenetration of infrastructural and superstructural domains, and economic determinism in the last instance continue within the ambit of the oppositional model.
For a view of nationalism as the superstructural "religion" of modernity, see Bauman (1 993: 135-138).
Baldwin sees "The code of omerta [sic]" as operating in the exchanges of aicionados (103), and finds toreo an ideological lie, "a need to cover the base real of material existence with a superstructural imaginary of some ideal fantasy" (109, Baldwin's italics).
Boureau further points out Jerome's definition of music as a quantitative science, operating on varied superstructural levels related to sound, in which "discretion" and "measure" are central concepts.
8 Design of electrical installations, low voltage and BMS for superstructural story segments A and C.