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Leaving waste wood in the forest does not have the substitutional benefit of a sustainable reduction in the use of fossil fuel.
On the other hand, they refer to the representational, substitutional, identificatory character of the dharma in its relation to the physical, corporeal, personal, charismatic, authoritative presence of the Buddha.
The example of Gandhi demonstrates that substitutional sanctity is alive in the contemporary world:
The growth rate of austenite is believed to be controlled by either volume diffusion of carbon or by boundary diffusion of substitutional alloying elements [5].
The test involved a system known as Substitutional Reality (SR) which has been developed at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute's Laboratory for Adaptive Intelligence in Japan.
Since oil shale is characterized by beneficial features, economic values, and large resources, it is considered as an important substitutional resource for the 21st century [5-6].
With respect to attracting FDI, these two variables, in theory, have some substitutional relationship.
Titanium is a transition metal with an incomplete d-shell in its electronic structure that enables it to form solid solutions with most substitutional elements having a size factor within 20% (Hume-Rothery's principles for substitutional and interstitial solutions).
If authority had only substitutional functions to exercise, it would still be a factor of decisive importance in civil society as well as in the family.
He went from playing every down on both sides of the ball in high school to getting perhaps 20 snaps per game this fall, and it didn't take long before he saw a method to the substitutional madness.
While conceding the validity of equitable principles when specific relief is sought, most courts deny the applicability of these principles when the same plaintiff seeks substitutional relief.
Recently, several researchers challenge this substitutional view and contend there would be a complementary relation between cognition- and affect-based trust.