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Describing a class of security that, in the event of liquidation, is prioritized lower than other classes of security. For example, a subordinated security may be an unsecured loan, which has no collateral. Should the issuer be liquidated, all secured bonds and debts must be repaid before the subordinated security is repaid. A subordinated security carries higher risk but also pays higher returns than other classes. See also: Junior Debt.


To agree to place one's mortgage or other interests in a junior position relative to another. See subordinated ground lease and subordinated mortgage.

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Thus, for the most part, we see collaborative strategies as strengthening the interdependence of the organization and the other party, subordinative strategies as increasing the other party's dependence upon the organization, and competitive strategies as decreasing the organization's dependence upon the other party.
The Subordinative has a variety of uses, the most common of which is to mark a closely associated event or idea.
Some of the formally dependent clause types, in particular the Subordinative and the Participial, often appear in separate sentences on their own (Mithun 2008).
As a marker of syntactic dependency, the Subordinative indicates the close relationship of an associated event or idea to the matrix clause.
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Burton-Roberts (1993: 184), sees unresolved connections between apposition and no less than: (i) conjunctive (and)-coordination; (ii) disjunctive (or)-coordination; (iii) restrictive modification; (iv) subordinative verbless absolutive clauses (e.