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Describing a class of security that, in the event of liquidation, is prioritized lower than other classes of security. For example, a subordinated security may be an unsecured loan, which has no collateral. Should the issuer be liquidated, all secured bonds and debts must be repaid before the subordinated security is repaid. A subordinated security carries higher risk but also pays higher returns than other classes. See also: Junior Debt.


To agree to place one's mortgage or other interests in a junior position relative to another. See subordinated ground lease and subordinated mortgage.

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In other words, our subordinates have to feel they know us well enough that they can present an idea or opinion in such a way that we will listen.
If everyone shares those same values, couldn't Rick expect his subordinates to be more participative in a meaningful way?
According to Rubin, managing subordinates is one of the most singular responsibilities of physician executives.
If, for some reason, a subordinate chooses not to rate a supervisor, feasibly a blank form could be submitted, but this has never occurred in Union Gap.
Physician executives in this investigation were significantly more likely to rely on the "softer" strategies of reason and friendliness to persuade a subordinate who communicates in an attractive than in an unattractive style.
The tax-exempt senior series 2006-A-1 and 2006-A-2 and tax-exempt subordinate series 2006-B-1 bonds are 35-day auction rate with legal final maturities of Sept.
Both the senior lien and subordinate lien trustees have waived the county's obligation to provide audited statements for 2004, 2005 and prospectively, provided the county pursues the resolution of the accounting issues.
00 subordinate series 2006C turbo capital appreciation bonds due June 1, 2055 'BB-'.
As subordinate lien bonds matured, and the related reserve fund requirement declined, the authority expected to recover these balances.
00% Series B-3-1 Subordinate Perpetual Preferred Shares ("Series B-3-1 Subordinate Preferred Shares") and $7,875 per share on its 6.
The Subordinate Credit Agreement includes usual and customary affirmative covenants for credit facilities of this type and size, as well as customary negative covenants, including, among others, limitations on liens, hedging, mergers, asset sales or dispositions, payments of dividends, incurrence of additional indebtedness, etc.
24,727,000 class C-FL floating-rate subordinate notes upgraded to 'AAA' from 'A+';