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If I were you, sir," I added, "I would ride straight away with it to Frizinghall before the ladies come back.
To-day however, Maggie thought her misery had reached a pitch at which gypsydom was her refuge, and she rose from her seat on the roots of the tree with the sense that this was a great crisis in her life; she would run straight away till she came to Dunlow Common, where there would certainly be gypsies; and cruel Tom, and the rest of her relations who found fault with her, should never see her any more.
I must say, again, I can't understand how you can expect anyone to tell you stories straight away, so," said Adelaida.
With that Jo marched straight away and the rest followed, a bright little band of sisters, all looking their best in summer suits, with happy faces under the jaunty hatbrims.
As for Godfrey, he was feeling so happy and oblivious under the long charm of the country-dance with Nancy, that he got rather bold on the strength of her confusion, and was capable of leading her straight away, without leave asked, into the adjoining small parlour, where the card-tables were set.
They mean to drag him along with them on board the ship straight away.
Why couldn't you come straight away to me in a cab?
If you was to lead me straight away to the scaffold, colonel, I could tell you no more than the truth.
He decided to go (for surgery) straight away," Wenger was quoted as saying by British media.
Police should move them straight away Zena Higgs The school, police and council have to follow the correct process.
The one thing with Morro is straight away the players really like him, he is a very likeable lad.
I was in the sea on Sunday night, straight away after we got home.