stop-out price

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Stop-out price

The lowest auction price at which Treasury bills are sold.

Stop-Out Price

The highest yield or the lowest price that the U.S. Treasury will accept when conducting an auction of Treasury securities.

stop-out price

The lowest price (highest yield) accepted for new securities issued in a U.S. Treasury auction.
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But also the two words that were music to the ears of all the dirty stop-outs of the North East, as the smash-hit musical was booked in for a run on Tyneside this Christmas.
For dirty stop-outs like Botham, this might be a big laugh.
When that's topped off with a very healthy supply of that king among draught lagers Kronenberg it's a line-up to be proud of and one which the pub posse wasted no time in sampling In fact, The Tyke and The Stud were enjoying themselves so much the dirty stop-outs had to be kicked out long after last orders, and long after their companion had bounced home just in time to witness a very welcome knockout result concerning Man Utd and a certain team from Germany.
England's stop-outs were shopped by shocked supporters, but talisman Flintoff bore the brunt of the backlash after his short-lived escapade as a seadog.
Millwall player-boss Wise hailed his late night Millwall stop-outs after they ended a traumatic week with victory.