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Third and, perhaps, most importantly, investors have no assurance that trades triggered by their stop-loss orders will take place at a price that is anywhere close to their stop-loss trigger price.
A stock might fall from $20 to $15, triggering a stop-loss order, and immediately shoot back up to $25 or even $30.
Other less dramatic drawbacks with stop-loss orders include what happens after the stop order is elected.
Other investors have fallen victim to stop-loss orders, which are ironically set up to automatically sell stocks when their prices fall to a certain level in order to protect investors from major losses.
07 yen with stop-loss orders cited below 101 yen and was last at 101.
Commentators have already suggested various possible triggers for yesterday's move: an input error by a trader (fat finger); liquidation by a hedge fund; falling prices triggering stop-loss orders placed at $ 115; heavy turnover by computer-driven trading programs; or some complex interaction among all these factors.
Euro buying accelerated at one point in the morning on stop-loss orders to sell the dollar for the European unit amid increased risk appetite triggered by the favorable U.
3211 as traders tried to hunt for stop-loss orders, slipping from a one-month peak of $1.
Stop-loss orders are activated on a daily close breaching the specified price level.
As the $1,925 level was broken the selling accelerated on the triggering of stop-loss orders.