stop price

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Stop Price

The price at which a stop order becomes a market order. A stop order is an order to buy or sell a security at the best available price after a certain, stated price is reached. The stated price is called the stop price. See also: Limit price.

stop price

The price specified in a stop order at which the stop order becomes a market order. A stop price at which to buy is entered above the current market price and a stop price at which to sell is entered below the current market price.

Stop price.

When you give an order to buy or sell a stock or other security once it has reached a certain price, the price you name is known as the stop price.

When you ask your broker to buy, your stop price is higher than the current market price. When you're selling, the stop price is lower than the current price.

In either case, once the stop price has been reached, your broker will execute the order even if a flurry of trading drives the stock's price up or down quickly. That might mean you end up paying more than the stop price if you're buying or get less than the stop price if you're selling.

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MANAMA: Moves to stop price tampering by traders during Ramadan were urged yesterday by the Premier.
During trading in the wake of the SNB's announcement, ADS Securities was one of a small number of large brokerages which chose not to stop price the CHF after the announcement was made.
But while rising rates are unlikely to stop price growth, they can still affect individuals.
Gisma Albaker Tabied a 34 year old Sudanese woman, who owns a restaurant in Rubkotna County, says that the new deal reached between the two governments could stop price increases.
He added that there is a need for the government to appoint an agency that will regulate land prices to stop price escalation and manipulation.
Shorts by Gazprom is possible, but with the expectation of short-term, because after a sufficiently large number of stop price has the ability to jump up.
remarked that anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigation carried out by China against EU poly-silicon firms will enhance the production cost of Chinese solar-cell firms, forcing them to stop price cut.
A statement by the protest movement leaders stressed the importance of the aspired reforms and pooling resources to address the hard economic conditions, urging the government to intervene to stop price hikes during the holy month of Ramadan.
She demanded of the government to make a transparent mechanism to stop price spiral.
It was disappointing that the Chancellor ignored calls for a meaningful fuel duty regulator to stop price hikes.
Asked if he felt he has to stop Price to ensure victory, McDermott said: "They can't keep robbing me.