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If the underlying market gaps and doesn't trade at the level of the Guaranteed Stop then the Guaranteed Stop order will still close the trade at the level of the Guaranteed Stop.
I recommend a stop order if they have the capability in the system, rather than reminders, because reminders can be ignored, and the stop orders cannot But we suggest that the IT people work with the clinicians in designing the order and really look at it carefully before they implement it, because often what they design turns out to be not the final product And it's not as simple as it appears, particularly when it comes to taking previously handwritten orders and automating them within the EMR.
At the hearing, Lacson pointed out that Mike Sabban, a technical assistant at the office of Faeldon, could request special stop orders.
A stop order was issued requiring the employer to immediately discontinue using employee labor at the restaurant.
Garin said they had begun practicing the stop order (suspension of transactions on payment of claims), suspending payments to healthcare providers while there is an investigation.
Warren Digby, the Managing Director of the FG Solutions International, cited an example: "For instance, you buy a stock at $25 and want your risk to limit at a 50 cent loss, instead of putting a stop order at $24.
The project was at a standstill at Makongo Juu and Tangibovu in Kinondoni municipality following a court stop order after some residents filed a case demanding more compensation, he noted.
After review of the company's response, Jasareno said the stop order was sent to Marcventures Mining and Development Corp.
BOFE issued a Stop Order to discontinue business until proof of workers' comp was provided.
That Lawson's Registration Statement on Form S-4 in the United States, which will register the shares of Lawson common stock to be issued pursuant to the Offer, has become effective under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and is not the subject of any stop order or proceeding seeking a stop order;
Place a stop order 10 pips below the support line (to cater if the trend breaks) 6.