stockholder of record

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Stockholder of record

Stockholder whose name is registered on the books of a corporation and thus will receive dividends from the corporation.

Stockholder of Record

The person or company whose name is listed on a stock certificate. The stockholder of record is the legally recognized owner of the share in the publicly-traded company represented on the stock certificate. He/she/it is recognized as the stockholder of record as of the record date, that is, the date the share was bought.

stockholder of record

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85-percent Preferred Stock payable in cash April 30, 1993, to the stockholder of record at the close of business on April 15, 1993.
The terms of the proposed merger are expected to provide that each stockholder of record of the Company holding less than 2,000 common shares will receive cash for its shares at a price equal to the fair value per share of the common stock, which price the Board of Directors will establish based on an independent valuation by a qualified valuation firm and other factors.
46 to each Calico stockholder of record as of August 26, 2003 (the "Record Date"), based upon 39,417,057 shares of Common Stock outstanding as of the Record Date.