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Percentage of the number of shares of each class of target stock, or the percentage (by value) of the target stock, to be exchanged for acquirer stock, provided that the target stock to be exchanged for acquirer stock and the target stock to be exchanged for cash or other property each represent an economically reasonable exchange; or
Its not only the Enrons and WorldComs of the world that have to worry about lawsuits when stock price declines hurt employees who invested in company stock; other companies are being sued as well.
The issuer ordinarily will receive a tax benefit from the issuance and exercise of stock options, and must estimate and account for that benefit in the same period that it recognizes compensation cost for financial reporting purposes.
LEARN MORE: Assign these research questions to groups that will report to the class: How does the stock market work?
Buying protective put options provides a way to absolutely limit your downside risk on a stock for the length of the contract in exchange for payment of an up-front cash premium.
Considering the highs and lows of the stock market over the past five years, such a record may indicate, how a fund manager is likely to fare in the future, in good times or bad.
Even though the Smiths could never manage a cash gift of this magnitude, once they consider their stock holdings, their giving capacity increases significantly.
Their best stock has been Lucent, which yielded $1,000.
Under section 351(g)(2)(A), "preferred stock," which is defined under section 351(g)(3) as "stock which is limited and preferred as to dividends and does not participate in corporate growth to any significant extent," is treated as NQPS if any of the following criteria is satisfied:
12) has shown that, for a given type of rubber compound, two-ply strip adhesion decreases with an increase in rubber stock modulus.
Just as the reasons for the sharp increase in stock prices are not entirely clear, so too the factors behind the decline that began in 1990 cannot be enumerated with full confidence.