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Again I was a man; stronger than ever was the stimulus now, louder than ever the call on every drop of true man's blood in my perishing frame.
A special stimulus of the most intense kind came from the struggle with Spain.
We may say, speaking somewhat roughly, that a stimulus applied to the nervous system, like a spark to dynamite, is able to take advantage of the stored energy in unstable equilibrium, and thus to produce movements out of proportion to the proximate cause.
It is evident that in everyday life, behaviors occur to stimulus presentations that involve many elements, i.
The federal government distributed $100 billion to some 130 million taxpayers as part of the stimulus program.
Key words: stimulus equivalence, masking task, respondent equivalence, function transfer, substitution of functions, contextual cues
Specifically, Zhu and Suzuki (2016) found particular facial activity occurring about 150ms after surprise stimulus onset that was not affected by conscious suppression, whereas activity subsequent to that (from about 300 ms to 500 ms following onset, depending on the muscle region) was.
Stimulus equivalence has been suggested to be a viable behavioral approach to the study of language and symbolic behavior because both stimulus equivalence classes and language involve arbitrary relations among stimuli and generative performance (Malott, 2003; Place, 1995-1996; Wilkinson & Mcllvane, 2001).
The head of the Bank of Japan, Haruhiko Kuroda, has defended the central bank's massive stimulus measures.
In both procedures previously described, the triangle had the discriminative function of a positive stimulus (S+, the stimulus related to the reinforcer), and the circle had the discriminative function of a negative stimulus (S-, the stimulus not related to the reinforcer).
1 Determine the distance at which your dog can be in the presence of the stimulus and be alert or wary but not extremely fearful or aroused.