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The department is adopting laser therapy to sterilize monkeys, which they consider to be more effective than other techniques available for sterilization.
Most, he found, had used EtO to sterilize common household drills for use in orthopedic surgery.
EPA has jurisdiction over all pesticides, which include sterilants and disinfectants, and FDA has jurisdiction over all medical devices and the solutions used to disinfect or sterilize them.
We're confident that the Clearant Process is a safe pathogen inactivation process available to sterilize tissue allograft implants while allowing patients to regain their full range of motion following surgery.
Their additional funding will help sterilize nearly 1,000 homeless cats," Benninger noted.
Removal of sites to sterilize devices, transport, washing, redial, packaging, autoclaving or sterilization by a suitable method, and delivery once sterilized on the sites of member institutions to control group coordinated by the CHU Caen.
Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV) is offering discounted spay/neuter surgeries in July to encourage the public to sterilize their cats to prevent unwanted litters of kittens.
In our studies conducted at UCLA and presented at the annual meeting of the North American Spinal Surgery Society last year, we demonstrated that the Clearant Process can sterilize bone while not affecting the osteoinductive and osteoconductive nature of the allograft," wrote Jeffrey C.
However, past attempts to sterilize allograft tissues with gamma irradiation have had an adverse effect on tissues' biomechanical properties or the dose of gamma irradiation was not sufficient to sterilize the tissue," commented one of the study's authors, Dr.