Steady state

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Steady state

As an MBS pool ages, or four to six months after component mortgages have passed at least once the threshold for refinancing, the prepayment speed tends to stabilize within a fairly steady range.

Steady State

1. Describing an economy that is neither growing nor shrinking. While this is not technically a recession, a steady state economy is not generally considered desirable.

2. See: equilibrium.
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Steady Asset Outlook: Fitch maintains its stable outlook on the sector, as performance deterioration implied by slightly softening macro expectations remains fully consistent with the steady-state assumptions for UK credit card trusts (see Credit Card Index - UK 3Q17).
The objectives of the study were to determine the steady-state PK parameters of three dose levels of ADS-4101 and three dose levels of VIMPAT as well as to compare overall safety and tolerability of ADS-4101 versus VIMPAT.
15) To make this argument, we rely on steady-state values from the multi-sector growth model used above.
This data was used to construct steady-state fuel consumption maps for each engine which were used to validate ALPHA.
Herman Daly is a guru of the movement for a Steady-State Economy (SSE).
Based on the literature, it can be proposed that the concept of anaerobic threshold and maximal steady-state efforts vary widely.
The previously published highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) calculator is used to determine the steady-state need for ART initiations.
Steady-state solutions for P and N have been calculated and linear stability analysis of equations (1) and (2) has been carried out in a similar manner to that of Antoniou et al.
The point of the analysis by Benhabib, Schmitt-Grohe, and Uribe is to think more carefully about what these seemingly innocuous assumptions--the Fisher relation, the active Taylor-type rule, the zero bound on nominal interest rates--really imply as we move to the left in the figure, far away from the targeted steady-state equilibrium.
The methionine metabolism in human liver cell: Steady-state sensitivity analysis by Biochemical Systems Theory.
The graphs tend to show specific break points on the line as creep moves from one stage to the next, and a lot of emphasis is placed on the steady-state secondary phase, because knowing when you're in that steady state and knowing when it's likely to come to an end-which is when the real problems will start-is the crucial bit of knowledge.
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