Steady state

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Steady state

As an MBS pool ages, or four to six months after component mortgages have passed at least once the threshold for refinancing, the prepayment speed tends to stabilize within a fairly steady range.

Steady State

1. Describing an economy that is neither growing nor shrinking. While this is not technically a recession, a steady state economy is not generally considered desirable.

2. See: equilibrium.
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The previously published highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) calculator is used to determine the steady-state need for ART initiations.
The point of the analysis by Benhabib, Schmitt-Grohe, and Uribe is to think more carefully about what these seemingly innocuous assumptions--the Fisher relation, the active Taylor-type rule, the zero bound on nominal interest rates--really imply as we move to the left in the figure, far away from the targeted steady-state equilibrium.
s, USL255 (extended-release topiramate), an investigational once-daily formulation for the management of epilepsy, demonstrated equivalent systemic exposure with an improved topiramate (TPM) pharmacokinetic (PK) profile at steady-state, as measured by a significantly lower C[sub.
The methionine metabolism in human liver cell: Steady-state sensitivity analysis by Biochemical Systems Theory.
Steady-state contrast is thus the default condition for fast gradient-echo imaging.
The new guidelines are based on steady-state analysis but with two important modifications: They use a water-uptake-weighted average of salinity in the root zone instead of a linear average, and they take rainfall into account (table 1).
Also it is possible to obtain the dynamic characteristics of the machine aggregate in steady-state or in transient regime in the form of relationship M([omega]).
Steady-state equilibria and local dynamics are described in Section 4, and global dynamics are described in Section 5.
A steady-state economy is structured to meet needs using the least amount of energy and material necessary to get the job done.
I show that the number of steady-state equilibria and the corresponding level of indeterminacy are equal to, or greater than, those arising in the no-interest economy.
Since his death, his ideas have been selectively adopted by people even further from mainstream science, among them creationists, even though Hoyle himself believed in a steady-state universe without a creator.
Ortho-McNeil and the Food and Drug Administration recently updated the product's warning section to say that the patch has a higher steady-state concentration and a lower peak concentration than oral contraceptives.
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