statement of additional information

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Statement of Additional Information (SAI)

A document provided as a supplement to a mutual fund prospectus. It provides more detailed information about fund policies, operations, and risks. Also known as a Part B prospectus.

Part B Prospectus

A supplement to a mutual fund's prospectus. It contains additional information on the fund, usually on its risks and operations. Mutual funds do not provide the part B prospectus to investors automatically, as many investors do not believe they need it to make an appropriate decision on whether to buy shares in the fund. However, regulations require that a mutual fund provide a copy of its part B prospectus free of charge upon request. It is also called a statement of additional information.

statement of additional information

A document that contains detailed supplementary information for investors. The statement is available from a mutual fund at no charge but generally will not be sent unless specifically requested. Also called Part B.
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Recently, the SEC adopted a new rule, Disclosure Regarding Market Timing and Selective Disclosure of Portfolio Holdings, requiring more detailed disclosures in different parts of the fund's prospectus and statement of additional information.
including the fund's annual and semi-annual reports to stockholders, prospectus and statement of additional information, may be obtained by visiting the fund's website at www.
A registration statement for the funds will be filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission and shares of the funds may not be sold until the registration statement, which includes the fund's prospectus and statement of additional information, becomes finalized and effective.
The lawsuit claimed that Schwab decreed in 2001 that YieldPlus would hold a maximum of 25 percent of private-label mortgage-backed securities, but in 2006 changed its Statement of Additional Information to allow the fund managers to abrogate that requirement without obtaining shareholder approval.
Funds must provide investors with the ability to access the Summary Prospectus, Statutory Prospectus, Supplements, Statement of Additional Information (SAI), and other required documents online, and to download, retain, and print the information in a readable format.

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