stated value

Stated value

A monetary worth figure that bears no relation to market value that is assigned, for accounting purposes, to stock for use instead of par value.

Stated Value

An arbitrary value a publicly-traded company assigns to its common stock on its financial statements. The stated value bears no relationship whatsoever to a stock's market value; however, in the event of liquidation it provides shareholders with some level of protection as the stated value shows that their stock does have some worth.

stated value

A value assigned to common stock by the firm's management for purposes of financial statements. Stated value, used in place of par value, is calculated on a per-share basis by dividing the stated capital resulting from a new issue of common stock by the number of new shares issued. Stated value is unrelated to the stock's market price and is of little importance to the shareholders.
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2m of Series A preferred stock for its stated value, and warrants to purchase an aggregate of approximately 3.
375 percent Non-Cumulative Convertible Series 2004-1 Preferred Stock has a stated value and liquidation preference of $100,000 per share and is convertible by holders into shares of Fannie Mae common stock at a conversion price of $94.
Stated value policies, however, can still depreciate vessels because they generally require the insurance company to pay up to the stated amount.
Therefore, the fraudster may wish to increase the stated value of short-term assets, such as receivables and inventory, in order to improve a current ratio.
State law does not define "capital stock" but the state has long defined it as par value (for stock with par value) or stated value (for stock with no par value).
The meeting followed the Board's receipt on February 4, 2007 of a non-binding letter from Vornado Realty Trust (unaccompanied by definitive terms or documentation) setting forth an alternative to its prior part-cash/part-stock offer at a stated value of $56 per share, and the Board's receipt on February 5, 2007 of a proposed increased all-cash offer of $55.
The terms of the conversion call for a combination of the issuance of 80,000 shares of unregistered convertible preferred stock with each share having a stated value of $100.
Pursuant to the Certificate of Designation for the Preferred Stock, upon a redemption of the Preferred Stock the Company is required to redeem such shares of Preferred Stock in cash for an amount equal to 110% of the stated value of the Preferred Stock, plus accrued and unpaid dividends and all other amounts due to the holder, payable within 10 trading days of the notice of redemption.
GigaBeam Corporation (OTCBB:GGBM) announced today the private placement of $10 million stated value of the Company's Series C convertible preferred stock and common stock purchase warrants to purchase approximately 860,653 shares of common stock for an aggregate purchase price of $10 million to a limited number of institutional investors.
G/O's Board of Directors will, subject to the approval of SH Celera, determine the terms upon which such shares of Preferred Stock are sold and the rights and privileges granted to purchasers of the shares of Preferred Stock, including, but not limited to: (i) the price per share, (ii) the granting of conversion features, (iii) the fixed dividend rate, (iv) the nature of the securitization including the coverage ratio on the Stated Value and the differential on the dividend rate and (v) the percentage participation in future dividends and distributions to G/O's stockholders.
If all the above referenced notes were converted into common stock, the number of the series would be 2,200,000 and have a stated value of $16.
0 million shares outstanding of 12%, cumulative, non-convertible, non-voting shares of Series J preferred stock with a stated value of $65.