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At a meeting Thursday night, the board also instructed the Actors Alley ensemble to try to re-create itself as a stand-alone company that could still operate out of the El Portal.
This appointment is another important step in the company's drive to unlock shareholder value by preparing to become a stand-alone company through a potential carve out from its parent, CDC Corporation.
The deal also makes sense for MovieFone because they'd gone about as far as they could go as a stand-alone company.
31, 1994 was about 45%, as compared with 52% for KNE as a stand-alone company.
Commenting on the results, Star CEO Patrick Kealy said "We are pleased to report Star's final quarter as a stand-alone company.
research facility into a stand-alone company dedicated to developing anti-inflammatory drugs.
F&C International will be operated as a stand-alone company, and will remain headquartered in Cincinnati.
It has done well as a subsidiary of Timken and we expect it to perform even better as a stand-alone company headed by an entrepreneurially incented management team.
NYSE: AMX) shareholders today approved a merger transaction which spins off AMAX's aluminum unit, Alumax, as a publicly-held, stand-alone company, distributes 28 percent of Amax Gold's stock to AMAX shareholders and merges the balance of AMAX with Cyprus Minerals Company.
SMG is a fully owned subsidiary of BTS USA, Inc, operating as a stand-alone company under its own SMG brand.