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In this analysis, Axiometrics defines absorption in a market as the average number of units filled in a month at newly built properties that have not reached stabilized occupancy of 90 percent.
Meridian leveraged its long-standing lender relationships and market knowledge to obtain 75 percent loan-to-value terms for our client based on a stabilized occupancy proforma," said Munk.
Multiple challenges existed in structuring the deal, which included a limited, stabilized occupancy history of 3 months, a market vacancy rate of approximately 17% and a limited equity position of 10% in the project.
In this type of market, it is highly unlikely that the leased fee value of a property will equal its fee simple value at stabilized occupancy.
Through its Fannie Mae program, Fishler said Capmark provided a structured, fixed-rate loan that enabled the borrower to take advantage of favorable rates while the property continues to lease up to a stabilized occupancy.
Considering that turnover will continue while you are registering residents, you could need approximately 1,520 leads to initially fill 60 assisted living units to a stabilized occupancy rate of 93 percent.
Property 50,000 square feet (sf) multitenant office building - 5 years old 95% Stabilized occupancy 0% Actual occupancy 1 year Forecasted lease-up time to reach stabilized occupancy $10 psf Estimated Tenant Improvement (TI) costs per square foot 6% Total annual leasing commission cost 5 years Typical lease term $15 Gross rent per square foot (PSF) $5 Estimated expenses PSF 10% Estimated Overall Rate
This concept is very attractive to owners looking to defray expensive nursing costs, particularly during the ramp-up period, until stabilized occupancy is reached.
The property is currently at a stabilized occupancy level of 98%.
MacDonald Companies' Apartment Construction Project Attained Stabilized Occupancy Beyond Income Projections
Our leasing team for Jericho Atrium has done an outstanding job of maintaining stabilized occupancy of over 90 percent for the past two and a half years during the most difficult market and has enabled us to refinance on such favorable terms and payoff our existing debt in full.

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