spot commodity

Spot commodity

A commodity that is traded with the expectation of actual delivery, as opposed to a commodity future that is usually not delivered.

Spot Commodity

A commodity traded on the current market. Spot commodities involve straightforward transactions; there is a buyer and a seller and the seller makes delivery of the commodity promptly when the transaction is settled. A spot commodity differs from a futures transaction, in which the buyer and seller agree to exchange the commodity at some point in the future.

spot commodity

A commodity that is available for immediate delivery.
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The news is a significant show of support for the first spot commodity auction system in the Middle East.
Glencore is one of the only companies in the world today that are in a great position to take advantage of the downturn in spot commodity prices by selling forward their future supply and delivering physical commodities to satisfy their short forward futures positions.
The spot commodity exchange never declared any member as defaulter despite repeated instances of defaults, which is also one of the main reasons for the present crisis, sources added.
Financial Technologies will use the proceeds to repay debt after regulators shut down a spot commodity exchange it ran in India.
Summary: New Delhi: Indian brokers said a lack of oversight allowed the nation's biggest spot commodity .
1m and show an Internal Rate of Return of ~100% with current spot commodity pricing.
The CRB spot commodity prices index is a measly 3% down from its peak, the high yield spread has opened up a little and the dollar, in trade weighted terms, has barely moved.
WGT operates one of the largest exchange-based spot commodity markets in Europe.
The overall spot commodity price index (published by the Commodity Research Bureau) peaked between May and July 2008 and has greatly retreated since then.
In theory, the convenience yield is the flow of services that accrue to the holder of the spot commodity but not to the holder of a futures contract.
By publicly giving more weight to spot commodity prices and gold, Greenspan is differentiating a new policy that seems substantially different from what the Fed chairman has publicly focused on in the past.
Exposure to spot commodity prices is a concern, as the glut in NGLs supply brought about by the ramp up in shale activity has weighed on spot processing economics.