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Sign Industries specialism is working with bronze, brass and stainless steel, they not only manufacture metal signs in all shapes and sizes but are industry leaders in their ability to provide exceptional and intricate etching work - producing high quality engraved plaques, such as memorial plaques and commemorative plaques.
This is an area of specialism in the North East and its good to hear that the Government is continuing to support the likes of Nissan.
The acquisition continues the theme of increasing investor focus on the alternative property sectors which has long been an area of specialism for GVA, and in particular the Midlands office, where there is a wealth of experience in specialist asset classes.
Armstrong School leads on the specialism of business and economics to ensure that it is delivered to equal high quality across all academy schools.
The academy would share the two existing schools' shared business and enterprise specialism catering for 900 11-16 year olds and 200 post 16 places.
The company's key specialism is the ability of INFORM to handle complex problems in real time, backed by 24 hour, 7-day-a-week, support of critical operations.
A specialism in absorbency is also the key to the new range of incontinence sheets/ liners, which like the mortuary products, are available in a range of shapes/sizes/absorbency levels.
No5 Chambers has been developing a specialism in financial services which is positioned to work with the ever-changing financial markets.
She will have just three minutes to convey the wonder and relevance of a chosen scientific specialism to the panel of judges, who will include British neuroscientist Professor Russell Foster, Andrew Cohen, head of the BBC's science unit; and anatomist, science writer and broadcaster Professor Alice Roberts.
The existing Sciences, Maths and Computing specialisms were joined by an Applied Learning specialism this year.
Our academy's specialism is business and enterprise and the experience the students have had in creating this garden is at the heart of that specialism.
Each pupil at the schools will receive pounds 129 extra funding each year for four years, and the schools will get a pounds 100,000 grant for new facilities for their specialism.