special agent

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Special Agent

An agent authorized to perform a single transaction on behalf of a client. The special agent's authority and responsibilities are terminated at the conclusion of this transaction. For example, a real estate agent is usually a special agent. Once the client buys or sells a property, the special agent ceases to have a legal relationship with that client.

special agent

Someone employed to represent another person—the principal—in a clearly defined and limited activity.A real estate broker hired to sell a property is a special agent.

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Randall Bennett became a Special Agent in 1987 and has received numerous awards and commendations, including the FBI Director's Award for Excellence in International Terrorism Investigations, The Diplomatic Security Service Special Agent and Employee of the Year, The U.
The ATF National Response Team (NRT) comprised of special agents from across the country, responded to the scene to work alongside local fire and police investigators.
Sullivan received numerous meritorious awards as a special agent for the Diplomatic Security Service, which has law enforcement powers and security responsibilities for overseas diplomats.
Schmidt, special assistant to the president and cyber-security coordinator, and a former CID special agent.
Contact: Christian Hoffman, Special Agent - PIO Office: (818) 265-2507 Cell: (213) 216-3622 Christian.
Most of the special agents believe the Pentagon attack targeted one of their principals and it was a time that no one who was on duty will ever forget, said Special Agent Michael Jones, now the PSB first sergeant.
It is also intended to help meet the ever-present demand for CID special agents.
Supervisory Special Agent Cacace reports to Assistant Special Agent in Charge Tom Larned, one of four such agents in the Boston field office.
Special Agent Westcott serves with the FBI's Jacksonville, Florida, office.
Anyone with information about the case, or who knows the whereabouts of Castanon, is asked to call Detective Velasco at the Santa Paula Police Department, (805) 933-4239; or Special Agent Kevin Kelly at the Ventura Field Office of the FBI, (805) 642-3995.
Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, Boston FBI Special Agent in Charge Warren Bamford, and DEA Regional Director North and Central Americas Region in Mexico, Joseph Evans.
CID special agents are some of the most highly trained criminal investigators in the world, and they are already hard at work addressing this problem.

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