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Profusely illustrated in full color thoroughly out, the recipes range from Kumquat-Habaneior Marmalade; Limey Rum Sour Cherry Preserves; and Watermelon Caynne Jelly; to Autumn Spice Pear Sauce; Figgy Conserve; Pickled Beets; and Chipotle Mustard.
You could certainly pair this cab with grilled steak, but even better would be serving it with rich meats like lamb chops in a balsamic pomegranate glaze or roast duck in a sour cherry sauce.
Here we report the preliminary results of the induction of anthocyanin biosynthesis in sour cherry callus cell cultures.
He will be joined by covers band Gimme Abba, pop group Sour Cherry, soul singer Lucie Jay and the Katie Philpott School of Dance.
The complex aroma features sour cherry hints and oaky notes.
Distributor, Serbian Natural Food unveiled some new additions to the Foodland 100 percent natural range of fruit juices made by cold pressing fruit, with no added sugar, These are available in 19 new varieties; including comelian cherry, wild blueberry, raspberry, cranberry, sour cherry, apricot, quince, and pear juice.
One of the cafe's signature items is their Sour Cherry Granola, which features dried tart cherries.
The company developed several new products in 2009, including Norwegian-style and mixed olive breads, an energy-boosting seeded cracker and a sour cherry loaf.
We'll no doubt all be tucking into turkey with all the trimmings, a traditional Christmas pudding, chocolate and sour cherry crumble, as well as cranberry and orange relish, scallops in the shell and an indulgent panettone trifle.
The five-flavor line comprises Sour Cherry, Sour Lemon, Sour Green Apple, Sour Watermelon and Sour Blue Raspberry.
Blessed with an altitude and climate suited for cherries, the valley has more than 20 ``U-pick'' sweet cherry ranches and one sour cherry ranch where visitors can enjoy the country atmosphere and pick the fruit themselves.